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Accepting Deposits for future puppies               Free Delivery to Southern California!!!
What's Included:

  •   Consultation(s) to help you pick out your specific puppy
  •   Up to date Vaccines
  •   2 year health Warranty
  •   Microchipped - We provide registration information
  •   Up to date on anti-parasite treatment 
  •   Health Record (Will show Vaccinations given,Parasite prevention Treatments, Deworming, & Microchip information)
  •   Small Puppy blanket (With mom & litter mates scent rubbed on- to help comfort your new puppy with transition to new home)
  •   Sample of Puppy Food (We feed Iams Puppy Large breed formula- even for our minis!)

  We are here to answer all of your questions! 

-For puppies 6 weeks old and younger your deposit will secure your spot in line for choosing a specific puppy when the puppies reach 6-7 weeks old. 

-For Puppies 7 weeks & Older- This deposit will secure a specific puppy

-Deposit is non refundable & will go toward the purchase price of your puppy. 

- Puppies will be able to go home as soon as of 9 weeks old

If you are not local- we will work with you to make you feel just as if you are buying in person!

  • We use video chat mostly and can send photos and descriptions of each puppies personality to help match you with the perfect puppy!

  • Free Delivery to Southern California | Local Pickup in Phoenix AZ |Hand Delivery Available to other cities | 

Safe & Fast Shipping Options Available Nationwide (in climate & pressure controlled aircraft)($350)
This cost includes the airline ticket, special vet clearance to travel, & airline approved kennel. Special Rules & fees apply when shipping to Hawaii or anywhere outside the U.S. due to different import laws across the globe.  Please Note there may be Heat restrictions when shipping through PHX from May 1- Sept 30; we may need to arrange shipping from another airport or provide quote for hand Nanny delivery in person to your closest airport. 

           Out of State Buyers:
All Puppies are priced at $2500+ 8.6% State Tax
Shipping within continental US & ALASKA is adtl. $350 (crate, vet certificate, & plane ticket included)
Free Delivery to Southern California & Las Vegas (other locations also available!)