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Please let us know of any preferences you have for:
  Size, gender, color, coat type & ideal time frame to bring home a puppy. 

*Please allow at least 24 hours for a response during the business week and at least 48 hours on the weekends.*

Email: USdoodles.Puppies@gmail.com
*Please note we update our website almost daily*

Contact Us For More Information on Future Litters

Now Accepting Deposits Future Late Summer to Fall Mini to Medium to Standard F1b Goldendoodle Litters!

We are expecting our next litter(s) of mini Goldendoodle's for take home later this Summer to Fall, sometime between August-October. We won't know exact dates until these potential mom's go into heat which is anytime. For examples of what the pups will look like and weigh, please visit our "Parents" Page on usdoodles.com and select the mom's Lady and Brittany (They are next to go into heat for mini F1b Goldendoodles weighing under 35 pounds) and will both mate with Striker our red small Poodle stud. So far, we have 2 deposits on our master waiting list for mini Goldendoodles. For medium size we have 3 potential moms that will produce puppies between 25-45 pounds. Please select Penny's & Violet's photo on the parents page (For their new litters they will mate with our mini F1 Goldendoodle stud, Fred). We currently have 3 deposit for the next medium size F1b Goldendoodle litter. The first mom who is confirmed pregnant is Donna and this will be her first litter and she is due around the 1st of May. For examples of her, please select Lady and/or Britney's photo's as they all are sisters and look the same, Donna is just a little bigger and her pups will weigh between 30-40 pounds as she mated with Striker our red Poodle. How this will work is once we get ultrasound results (The ultrasound will be taken 5 to 6 weeks after the heat cycle starts) and or birth count we will reach out to all families on the waiting list in the order the deposits were receive and let you know if the mom(s) is pregnant and what picking number you will be for that litter.
In addition, we have Medium-Standard F1b Goldendoodles' coming from our mom Lily who will mate with Otis for pups ready for take home in August. Lily's first litter was with a standard Poodle named Joey, this time she will mate with a medium size Poodle. Examples of this next litter are listed under Lily's puppy page (She is under the parents page). We are accpeting the 1st deposit for this litter.