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Accepting Deposits for November Puppies & Upcoming Litters!
 Please Contact USDoodles for additional Reservation Details and information on future litters!
Photos of puppies listed below are available as of Nov 24th 2017 (we keep this page up to date)

F1 doodle =  Golden Retriever + AKC Standard Poodle

F1B = F1 doodle + Poodle

For Puppies 5 weeks and younger: A deposit will hold your spot in line for picking out a specific puppy. The selection process begins once the puppies reach 5-6 weeks old. Puppies can go home when they reach 8 weeks of age.
Born 9/19/17 Ready For Take Home Now

1 Cream Males
Standard Size F1b Labradoodle

Available Puppies
The 6 puppies listed below are the last of our 2017 puppies! 
Planning 2018 litters now!
USDoodles is Currently Looking for Guardian Homes!
USDoodles will provide guardian families with a fabulous puppy or adult dog at no cost, the guardian home will then raise, train, and care for the dog just like a family normally would. The dog will come back to USDoodles periodically for breeding purposes until the end of the breeding contract at which time USDoodles will pay to spay/neuter and will then permanently retire dog to guardian family. Our Guardian program is a win for all involved especially our parent dogs as they benefit from having a loving forever family instead of being raised in a kennel environment. Our guardian program helps USDoodles keep a larger more diverse breeding program and allows USDoodles to hyper focus on the breeding process so that all dogs and puppies are given the much needed attention, love, and socialization they need while in our care. 
Please email: USDoodles.Puppies@gmail.com if you are interested in becoming a guardian family! 
Contact us Now!! 
Email: USDoodles.Puppies@gmaiil.com
Born 9/3/17 Ready For Take Home Now

1 Cream Male
Medium Size F1b Goldendoodle
Projected weight 40-50lbs full grown